In My Experience! A testimonial about PT Education.

I was inspired to take the DPT program by the people who started this blog; people that I consider to be ambassadors for our profession.  I believe in trying to be the best I can at all that I do, but in a profession where information is always changing and treatments theories are evolving, this can be hard to stay on top of.  My foundations for practice come from my time at university, which I graduate from 8 years ago.  This knowledge has been bolstered by learning from the experienced clinicians around me, however I find that I my practice has become overly routinized and outdated! The DPT program with Evidence In Motion is a vehicle to increase my ability to be an evidence based practitioner and create more opportunity for me to question my practice and develop my knowledge and skills.  It has put a lot of fun back into a profession I feel very passionately about.

 I believe we have a duty to the people that we care for and the students we mentor to remain current in our theories and abilities. We have to continue to utilize our experience and respect patient values, but we must incorporate what robust evidence is teaching us in how we practice and educate our clients regarding their care process.  I also feel this is important to continue to raise the stature of our profession and build the acknowledgement we deserve within the medical community. 

I could not speak more highly of the EIM DPT program

I am finishing my first module for the DPT program and can already say that it is set up to build us for success.  90% of the program comes in the form of an online format which is easy to access and navigate.  There is fantastic support from both staff and fellow students and everyone is motivated to elevate their practice.  The modules are set up around a specific body region, for example I am currently completing the upper extremity. Through their online moodle system (online classroom and communication board) you are provided with world class lectures, from active practitioners and researchers, and current literature.  You are provided with a timeline to complete the material, around 1 week, and then you have to answer 4-5 questions in which you draw upon your learnings and pull in additional research from your own independent searches; you then post your answers to your group, made up of 4-5 other students.  Time is then spent to read each of your group members responses and critically appraise each others work, supporting arguments with current evidence.   This is great because everyone has a different view and approach to patient care and building arguments with evidence means that we all learn more as a group.  It’s a wonderfully insightful process.

So far I have learned about a regional interdependence approach to care, understanding that treatment of regions distant from the location of symptoms can have a dramatic impact on both pain and motor function in the region of symptoms.  This has provided me with a completely different lens to how I see my clients and a better understanding of how we can tie distance regions of dysfunction together into a cohesive treatment plan.  We have learnt current best evidence care the management subacromial impingement syndrome, adhesive capsulitis, multi-direction instability and much more, all in a digestible format that can be implemented into practice Monday morning.  Furthermore, we have been taught very valuable information on pain education and better skills for having difficult conversations regarding pain with our patients.  This has been huge and totally changed how I approach my patients, which I feel has ultimately allowed me to provide a much more effective biopsychosocial approach to how I deliver my care.

I could not speak more highly of the EIM DPT program and fully encourage other practitioners who have a thirst for knowledge and want to provide evidence based care to apply.  It is a wonderful community to be part of; a supportive community of like minded individuals and a body of knowledge that’s wealth is incomparable.