Brad has been involved in clinical practice since 2010. For many years before and since, he has been doing his best to learn the ins and outs of the human body and all that we know about making it better. This started at McGill University in 2002 where Brad completed a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology; he went on to complete the Masters of Physiotherapy Program at the University of British Columbia. These degree programs developed Bradley’s knowledge and clinical skills and inspired his clinical practice. He augmented his formal education with training and course work in Manual Therapy, Evidence Translation, Pain Sciences, and Acupuncture.

Brad loves the tool-belt part of teaching: going through techniques, tricks, pearls and rehab-hacks that come in so handy with patients. These 'toys' however are only as strong as the clinical reasoning and principles that guide them. Brad loves the education programs that offer prolonged blended learning systems, because it facilitates a deep dive into clinical reasoning; a weekend is often not enough. The protracted time frame is used to expansively investigate a topic area and achieve mastery of the content. It also gives students enough time to go through an adoption process; clinical habits are tough to break and it takes support and a great deal of awareness to change the way we do things. Brad enjoys seeing students start to question and critically think about what they're learning and doing. Fostering reflective practitioners is AMP's MO, and Brad's too.