AMP's mission is to accelerate clinical expertise. We host and provide courses that focus on clinically relevant 'foreground' information. We believe in leveraging the evidence as a platform for practice and taking a pragmatic approach to assessment and intervention. In short, we want to get you to '10,000 hours' in a fraction of the time!


Our vision is an innovative post graduate education experience that amplifies clinical skills and clinical reasoning to the highest level.  

What We Do

  • Host high caliber instructors from around the world.
  • Offer a progressive, evidence based, clinically relevant courses for MSK physiotherapists.
  • Produce quality practice-changing blogs meaningful to you. 
  • Dispel myths, challenge biases, foster critical thinking and demand self reflection.
  • Find and share practice pearls that can be applied to practice immediately. 

where & how we started

AMP's founders are physiotherapists at Tall Tree Health. A vibrant, growing BC company with locations in Cordova Bay, at Panorama Rec Centre, and on Commercial Drive in East Vancouver. Tall Tree has a mission to move Physiotherapy forward and their education culture is a significant part of this. The clinic regularly hosts student PTs, Kinesiologists, and medical students; and puts on educational events on a monthly basis. 

Tall Tree is based on clinical excellence, caring & fun.